Selský dvůr- pension - farma

Pension "Selský dvůr" is in old primary farm renowned tu primary state. There is conservated many functional tracts to do for their purpose. From primary rooms for indentured labourers was built 6 rooms for guests (every room with own social settlement). Total capacity is perfect for family recreation (15 beds with possibility 8 additional beds). Accommodation capacity and services are certificated:

„Accommodation in private" according to recommended standards of Ministry of local development Czech republic,

„Ecocertification" according to standards ECEAT CZ (European centre of Eco Agro tourism).

There is beatiful yeomanry in primary state with cockle and cutreveal, from primary cowshed for 28 pieces cattle is very nice style restaurant with perfect kitchen (specialties of czech and world kitchen) there.

There is table-tennis, darts, table-games, outdoor is playground for tennis, volleyball and football on the farm.

To borrowed are there maps and guide-books to neighbourhood and to republic, bicycles there. There is also childrengarder with sands, carousal, swing, children swimming bath and with other attractions inclusive toys there.

There is a restauration and outdoor-restaurant „under the chestnut tree" with gril (it makes sucking pigs, lambs, chickens or other specialities) there.

There is breeded number of animals – two dogs, five horses, fifteen sheeps and goats, chickens, rabbits and bees on the farm. The guests can tu animals only in company of service. It is possibility to ride on horseback (with saddle), to go with coach or (in winter) with slider. This is surely to disposition also to other activities - to wedding or individually, with beginners and advancedes).

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